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3 Clear Signs that You Need to Change Careers

Career change is often times one of the most difficult decisions we will make in our life. As young adults, we probably got so caught up in the excitement of preparing for college that we did not carefully think through career choices that would be a good fit for our passions and interests.

On the flip side, we may have worked meticulously towards a career we thought was the right fit, but in actuality it wasn’t. Both realities entrap us in a mundane existence where the drudgery of going to work each day bring immense dissatisfaction. Finding ourself trapped in this situation makes career change inevitable.

Misguided planning in our youth is often the foundation for job dissatisfaction and a burning desire for career change. However, it isn’t the only reason. Here are 3 clear signs that you should change careers and what you should do about them.

Work is Just a Pay Check

Baby Boomers were raised on the principle of finding a job, regardless of what it might be, and staying in it for life. Screw passion. However, members of the Millennial and Generation Z have a completely different perception of what work should be.

They’re fixated on finding a career that ignites a fire within. This career should be something that we want to do at any time of the day; something that consumes our focus and that we’ll want to work hard for despite the obstacles that may block our path.

Work is more than a pay check. If you find yourself viewing it solely as a way to earn money, it’s possibly time for a career change. Our team at Intuitive Professional Coaching can help you ask the right questions that directs you towards your passion and the next best steps to take for transitioning into a new career.

The Little Things Drive You Crazy

Note that there’s a difference between changing jobs and changing careers. Your boss and coworkers may drive you crazy, but this isn’t necessarily a sign that you should change careers.

A clear sign that a career change is necessary is when every little detail about the job unnerves you. The simplest task will cause you to tear out your hair in frustration or counting down the hours until the end of each work day.

Living with this level of unhappiness is bad for your wellbeing. It often leads to depression, poor eating habits, heart attacks, and even strokes. It isn’t worth it!

The Intuitive Professional Coaching can help you clearly identify everything you’re intentionally finding fault with and determine if these issues are a sign for a job or a career change.

You’ve Plateaued

You may think that you’re going through a mid-life crisis (you are probably off buying that sleek new sport’s car you’ve always wanted and profiling as the hottest dude or girl in town at 45). Good for you because you have sacrificed much and deserve to enjoy life to the fullest!

However, it is possible that you’ve hit a plateau in your career with no signs of advancing any further. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and have been promoted a few times, but you feel like you want to accomplish so much more.

There may be another career that allows you to use your skills in a way that excites you. For instance, you may be a mid-level HR manager with superb planning and organization skills.

Friends are quick to call you when they need to pull off a spectacular event. Event planning excites you far more than dealing with HR issues. Therefore, it may be time for a career change because there’s so much more that you can offer as an event planner.

Should I Change Careers?

The best way to determine whether you should change careers is to speak with a life coach. Contrary to popular belief, life coaches aren’t overrated.

The life coach at Intuitive Professional Coaching care about your success and will take the time to help you figure out the best path for your life. As Millennials say, You Only Live Once (YOLO). Make your life count!

If you’re stuck or experiencing challenges in your quest for changing careers, click here to schedule a free Discovery session with Coach Margaret.

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By Margaret Williams

Margaret is the CEO and founder of Intuitive Professional Coaching. She’s been coaching women by helping them discover their talents, develop these skills, and manage their stress levels to reach their fullest potential and live their dreams. She’s a Certified Associate Coach with the International Coach Federation and a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. When she’s not coaching, Margaret reading, listening to music, or lounging at the beach.

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